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MCRE understands the importance of your privacy and is committed to protecting your sensitive information.  MCRE has developed and implemented comprehensive policy and procedures in order to safe guard the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

Purpose and Use of Personal Information

  • MCRE only collects personal information from third parties for the provision of service and only uses the information for the purpose for which it was intended.
  • MCRE will collect information from you such as personal identity, phone numbers, address, and email.  You may voluntarily submit the information to MCRE verbally, electronically or by letter.  MCRE will use this information to respond to your inquiries.
  • MCRE will collect personal information from prospective residential and commercial tenants in order to support the credit approval process.  Prospective residential tenants will be required to provide credit, rental history, employment information, and other personal information that is used in the identification and qualification process.  Prospective commercial tenants may be required to provide officer information, financial statements, and trade references during the qualification process.  Residential and commercial tenants will be required to provide emergency contact information in order for MCRE to respond to emergencies relating to individual tenant, unit, or suite.  MCRE will also collect information pertaining to tenant vehicles to assist in parking regulations and control.
  • MCRE will collect personal information from those people who complete online employment applications, or submit resumes to our office.  MCRE will use this information to confirm and analyze employment and education history and assess credit and personal integrity.
  • MCRE will collect information from investor clients such as names of company officers, contact information, information about the business, or company including bank account numbers and tax account numbers. MCRE will require other information as circumstances dictate in order to provide accurate, confidential services.
  • MCRE does not knowingly collect Personal Information from or about anyone whom is under the age of eighteen (18) years old and will destroy such information if it discovers it has been collected by a minor.
  • Personal Information will only be provided to organizations providing services to MCRE if they agree to use the information solely for the provision of services to MCRE.

Consent & Disclosure
Your provision of information to MCRE means that you consent to the collection and disclosure of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and also accept the risks associated with the transmission of information and agree to any amendments of the MCRE Privacy Policy.  You may consent to the collection and use of your information by submitting information verbally, electronically, or in writing.  The submission of information from you to MCRE will imply the consent to collect and use the information provided to MCRE.
 If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy you are encouraged not to provide personal information to MCRE and withdraw your consent.  Please note that that the information MCRE requires of you is necessary in the provision of service to you.  The withdrawal of consent to use your information may impact and prohibit the provision of service to you.
Personal Information that is collected from you will not be shared with other parties without your consent. 
Your information may however be disclosed without your consent under certain circumstances that may include:

  • When required or authorized by law or by order.
  • Where the information is public.
  • Where MCRE engages third parties to provide collection or enforcement proceedings.
  • When requested by the Landlord, and MCRE is agent for the Landlord.
  • Subsequent Landlords, Mortgagees, or Property Managers.
  • Where MCRE has reasonable grounds to believe that it is necessary to protect the rights, privacy or safety of property or persons.
  • When obligated or permitted to disclose your information without your consent, MCRE will only disclose that information which is necessary and required.

Security and Retention of Personal Information
MCRE endeavours to maintain physical, procedural, and technical security with regard to data storage to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, or modification.
All MCRE employees are required to understand and comply with the requirements of the MCRE privacy policy, and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  MCRE employees must also sign an acknowledgement of compliance.  MCRE employees are aware that misuse of personal information is a serious offence for which disciplinary action may be taken.
MCRE undertakes to protect personal information and ensure your privacy.  Please realize that there is no method of storing and transmitting data that is completely secure.  Telephone calls, faxes, emails and text are all susceptible to interception, or misrouting.  MCRE will closely monitor interception or misrouting of data and should MCRE become aware malicious or fraudulent acts, MCRE will involve the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
MCRE has no control over the use of personal information on third party websites that individuals may access through the MCRE website hyperlinks.
MCRE will maintain personal information and data for as long as required to provide services or as may be required by law.  MCRE will destroy all data and information that it is no longer required to keep.

Accuracy and Updating Personal Information
MCRE collects and uses personal information for the provision of services to you.  It is important that MCRE has up to date and accurate information.  Should any of your information change during the course of our professional relationship, please inform MCRE and the necessary amendments will be made.
Please make requests to change or update personal information in written format and address your request to the MCRE Privacy Compliance Officer.  MCRE reserves the right not to change information that it believes to be accurate, but may append text where appropriate.

Access to Information and Compliance
In order to access personal information that MCRE has collected about you, you must provide satisfactory identification and a written request.  MCRE will reply to you within (30) thirty days.  You may verify the accuracy and completeness of your information and request that the information be amended.  MCRE will take all reasonable steps in order to comply with your request.
MCRE may on occasion deny access to personal information should certain circumstances arise.

  • MCRE may deny access when doing so may unreasonably impact the privacy of others.
  • The disclosure of information could result in the serious harm or ill treatment of the individual concerned or other individuals.
  • Disclosure would impact business information regarding MCRE or third party.
  • MCRE may deny access when the information relates to pending or existing litigation.
  • When disclosure interferes with law enforcement activities and other investigative or regulatory functions of parties authorized by statute.
  • MCRE may deny access when authorized or required by law.
  • Does not exist or cannot be found.
  • Information is not readily accessible and the burden of cost of retrieval is disproportionate to the benefit of retrieval.
  • MCRE may deny access when the request is frivolous or vexatious.

If MCRE denies you access to information, or refuses to amend information, you will receive writing notice and explanation. 

Amendments of MCRE Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and Statement is in effect as of the 11th day of May, 2009.

MCRE will regularly review all policies and procedures and make amendments from time to time as needed and communicate any amendments in an appropriate manner.

MCRE Privacy Policy changes will apply to information collected as of the posted date of revision and affect all existing information and data held by MCRE.

Should you have questions regarding the privacy of personal information or wish to access your information, please write to our Privacy Compliance Officer.

Privacy Compliance Officer
Mainland Commerce Real Estate
201-475 Provencher Blvd.
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